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Wine In Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you're traveling to the Oklahoma City area, you may be interested in learning more about where to drink wine in Tulsa. Known for its large number of local restaurants, bars, and wineries, Oklahoma City is a great place to experience wine in all its forms. Oklahoma photo But if you're a complete novice when it comes to wine, you may be wondering how to accessorize your city vacation so that you can enjoy it fully. Luckily, there are many ways to make drinking wine in Oklahoma a fun and relaxing experience. There are many places in Oklahoma City where you can get good wine, ranging from some casual food and wine bars, right up to fine dining with extensive menus. For the most part, food and wine bars cater to an adult crowd, but some have wine tasting events and cocktail receptions during the week. The best part about attending a bar is that you will not have to sit down and taste many different wines, but rather, can order a beverage right away. Some of the best places to drink wine in Oklahoma City are located in five and dime restaurants known for their intricate food and wine menus. On Central Expressway near downtown Oklahoma City, you'll find the Waffle House where you can enjoy their delicious baked waffles with fresh fruit. Another restaurant with a great menu is Tiger Woods Country Club where you can try many wines from around the world. If you like country style, then you will love this establishment located on 10th Street. Along with some of the more well known bars and restaurants, you'll find several small corner stores that specialize in selling affordable wines. These small shops offer excellent prices and even include personalized wine glasses and other wine accessories. The best part about these small corner stores is that they usually only accept credit cards, which makes it easy for people on a budget to buy wine without having to worry about their debit card being declined. You can also visit the bars mentioned above for a chance to sample their wines before you make a purchase. Of course, there are tons of bars where you can enjoy a good glass of wine after a long day at work or school. Many bars offer special wine club subscriptions where a friend can join for a monthly fee and receive a special package of wine delivered directly to their door. Before you subscribe, check to make sure the bar you're planning to visit has been offering wine memberships for quite some time. Oklahoma photo There are also a variety of great restaurants that serve good wine. You may want to check out Nantucket Road Pub & Grill which offers its guests a chance to try some of the best New England vineyards in the U.S. They offer an extensive wine list along with appetizers, drinks, and desserts that are made with local produce. Their most popular wine may be their White Wines which is made with Chardonnay grapes from South Carolina. Of course, the Red Wine is always available and they also have sparkling wines and rose wines. The prices of these offerings are very affordable and they are perfect when you are on a wine tasting vacation. Of course, Oklahoma City itself has some of the country's best restaurants. Artisan offered fine Spanish wines from the Napa Valley and added smoked trout dish that is absolutely delicious. You can also check out Club Basque, which serves up an assortment of French and American wines. A few of the bars mentioned also offer an extensive list of cocktail wines and great mixed cocktails to make your night even better. If you are ever in Oklahoma City, you should definitely go see some of these wineries. If you aren't all that adventurous, you could always visit Murrells in Edmond. It has some gorgeous landscaping and award winning wine that you can enjoy while strolling around its grounds. Another great stop would be Terlingua winery Tours in southern Oklahoma. These wineries are absolutely beautiful and they offer some of the best vino from the state.