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Wine In Ithaca, New York

If you're looking for an experience worthy of a celebrity, then the best way to do it is at one of the world-class wine bars in Ithaca New York. Spanish tapas & a wide variety of red wines by the bottle served in an airy, open environment with a private garden patio. No celebrity bar in the world can compare to Ithaca New York's rustic charm and friendly atmosphere. Stop in for lunch or dinner and see what makes this area of upstate New York such a favorite. A casual wine connoisseur might be surprised to find that this town actually has three wineries within its three blocks! But don't let the number of vineyards fool you: this town is big on local pride. Residents and tourists alike enjoy sampling the local wines produced in the area. Stop in for a chat with the wine expert at the Tasting Room, which serves up custom-made wines to your satisfaction. You can also learn about the history of the different kinds of grapes used to produce the wine at the Umi Winery, which was founded in 2021. The Spanish style bar & wine bar in Ithaca NY is a joint venture between two families. The bar itself opened in 2021 and immediately began offering a wide variety of wine, mostly local, with a focus on quality over quantity. The bartenders are experts at making any kind of wine pairings perfectly. You'll never have a dull moment here. Try some Spanish wines from the Tasting Room or one of the other four participating wineries; you'll be glad you did. This place is ideal for a quiet evening after dinner when you want to relax and unwind. It's located in the charming village of Upstate New York just a few minutes north of Lake Colon and Highway 45 in Colonie. It offers both fine and premium wines and beers. On a hot summer day, you'll find it extremely enjoyable to sit outside on the patio and relax with a cold drink while watching the sailing boats load up with tourists from all over the world heading to the Finger Lakes region. This restaurant is located at Harbor East at Harbor Bay, where you'll find waterfront dining and specialty groceries, a gift shop, and an Italian restaurant. Each morning, fresh seafood comes to your table in a traditional Italian salad followed by an open market that features local artisans. You can also enjoy brunch and other tasty food specials throughout the week. Take a seat at one of the many stools and enjoy the live music performed by the band's every day!For a more casual lunch or dinner, head to La Habana. It's located in West Irondight and offers a relaxed atmosphere with great food. La Habana's red wine selection is made from organic ingredients and has an incredible taste. Make sure to stop by the enchanting Chateau Irondight while you're in the area. You'll definitely want to make this a part of your itinerary when in Ithaca!If you're looking for a more formal dining experience, visit The Wine Buff. It's a quaint bar with comfortable seating and great wine selections. You can even grab a couple glasses from their extensive wine list! The Wine Buff has been a staple in the Ithaca area since early 2021. If you're ready to treat yourself to some fine wine, this is the place to go. No matter what you choose to do when in Ithaca New York, don't forget to try some of the other fantastic wines from this region. Some of the wineries here offer aged wine and also bottle wines for those that are new to wine-drinking. Have fun exploring Ithaca New York! This place has so much to offer. Plan a trip to this amazing wine region soon!